Design Talk 23. Rob Graham, Global Head of UX, AstraZeneca live at MEX/16

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are increasing their investment in digital experience design at a key moment in their wider transformation. With experimental new business models such as payment based on patient outcomes rather than product volumes, digital services are being trialed for both patient health tracking and as a form of direct treatment. Rob Graham, Global Head of UX at the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, and someone who has led user experience departments in large telcos and retailers, sat down with Marek Pawlowski at the MEX/16 conference to record a live interview and audience discussion for the podcast. The conversation ranges from the challenges of user experience research in heavily regulated markets like healthcare to Rob’s career motivations.

On this edition

"Pharma is a challenging area for UX. In some markets regulation prevents you conducting user research directly with patients. "  Rob Graham, Global Head of User Experience, AstraZeneca Episode 23, MEX Design Talk podcast


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