Design Talk 26. Wearable experience design

Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest take up Patrizia Bertini’s challenge from the last episode and go in search of wearable technology beyond the smartwatch and fitness tracker. After questioning the term ‘wearable’ itself, Marek and Alex cite examples ranging from illuminated clothing to medical implants, before searching for design approaches which might result in products more relevant to users’ lives.  Marek challenges listeners to abandon the smartphone as the anchor point for wearable products and see whether it leads to greater creativity…tweet us your feedback @mexfeed or email

On this edition

"In becoming 'wearables' most products seem to lose their decorative value. They end up as just another electronic device." Alex Guest, CEO, Episode 26, MEX Design Talk podcast


"As devices get closer to our bodies, physically & metaphorically, there is a greater need to drive design from true behavioural insight." Marek Pawlowski, founder, MEX Episode 26, MEX Design Talk podcast

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