Design Talk 3. Multi-sensory design; Peter Law; tap-to-pay in rural backwaters

In this episode we look at multi-sensory design, exploring how digital experiences can be extended beyond visual interfaces into hearing, touch, taste and even smell.

On this edition

News from the MEX community

Interview: Peter Law

Some of you will know Peter from his MEX sessions on multi-sensory UX over the years, where he has worked with facilitators such as Lindsey Green and Alyson Webb to organise some of our most engaging creative challenges.  When he’s not blindfolding people in design workshops, Peter is producing projects like Flying Object’s multi-sensory art installation at the Tate Britain gallery.  We talk about everything from haptics and 3D audio to teaching broader design skills and what you can learn from walking across meadows with your eyes closed.

User story: the flustered customer and contactless payments

Change is afoot, even in rural backwaters, as the adoption of ‘the tap’ in contactless payments plays into our illogical attitudes to finance.

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