Design Talk 4. Digital consumption UX; Sabrina Majeed, Buzzfeed; sports TV at the bus stop

This episode goes in-depth on digital consumption, looking at user behaviours, design principles and future user experiences.

On this edition

Theme: digital consumption UX

Marek and Alex talk about examples of digital consumption inspiring their thinking about design, uncover some principles for building these kind of experiences and share their own behaviours with digital media.


Interview: Sabrina Majeed, Buzzfeed

When Sabrina Majeed spoke at MEX/11 she helped participants understand the principles of designing context aware experiences for media consumption, drawing on lessons learned at Miso, an entertainment start-up.  Her career has now taken her to Buzzfeed and she talks in detail with Marek Pawlowski about new forms of digital consumption, designing for both consumers and creators, her own path in UX and what we can learn from the Buzzfeed generation.

User story: sports TV at the bus stop

Bus stop in the middle of nowhere

A conversation between an elderly lady and her neighbour reveals subscription surfing is not the exclusive preserve of millenials.

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The podcast for the MEX community, interviewing UX pioneers, exploring emerging technologies, user behaviour and how to design better digital experiences.

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