Design Talk 42. Psion revisited in the Gemini PDA? Martin Riddiford, Therefore Design and Davide Guidi, Planet Computers

The Gemini PDA by Planet Computers brings a much loved form factor back to the world of smartphones – the clamshell, keyboard-based palmtop. In this episode, MEX founder Marek Pawlowski talks to Martin Riddiford of Therefore Design and Davide Guidi, CTO of Planet Computers, and hears the story of Gemini’s development and successful crowdfunding campaign. It is a tale which traces its roots back over two decades, to the days when British computing pioneer Psion was at the forefront of mobile innovation. The conversation explores how Martin’s design work on those Psion devices informed today’s rebirth as the Gemini PDA and looks at the design challenges Planet has overcome to bring this new product to market. Lots of bonus photos in the show notes. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email designtalk@mobileuserexperience.com.

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On this edition

Martin Riddiford (left) and Davide Guidi (right) showing pre-production models of the Gemini, alongside the Psion Series 5MX, at Therefore’s design studio in London


More photos

Gemini PDA (pre-production) showing the custom agenda app and menu bar


Gemini PDA (pre-production) running Excel in landscape format and showing the custom menu bar


Gemini PDA (pre-production – right) next to the Psion Series 5MX (left)


Gemini PDA (pre-production) running Firefox within a Linux shell hosted on Android


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