Design Talk 59. Rethinking smartphones; Jo Barnard, Founder, Morrama

Jo Barnard is founder of the London-based design agency Morrama. She talks to Marek Pawlowski about the journey she’s been on since founding the business four years ago. The conversation turns to the development of Morrama’s beautifully considered smartphone concepts, part of a hybrid client and internal project which focuses on changing users’ relationship with their phones through better industrial design. Along the way, Jo and Marek talk about the challenges of growing an agency, keeping creative inspiration fresh and establishing the values to guide client work. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email

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"The environmental impact of products is a huge consideration. We try to open clients' eyes not just to the problems but also the positive opportunities to shape those values." Jo Barnard, Founder, Morrama Episode 59, MEX Design Talk podcast


"Working with start-ups is exciting. When we're their first agency we can help establish their story not just through the design work but across a wide range of factors." Jo Barnard, Founder, Morrama Episode 59, MEX Design Talk podcast

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