Design Talk 6: Dr. Mike Short CBE, Telefonica; MEX catch-up

Dr. Mike Short CBE, VP of Public Affairs at Telefonica, is interviewed by Marek Pawlowski and we catch-up on the latest happenings in the MEX community, from robot and IoT design principles to welcoming a new MEX/16 patron.

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Interview: Dr. Mike Short CBE, VP of Public Affairs, Telefonica

"Design is a personal thing. There’s a dichotomy with cost reduction for global adoption." Dr Mike Short CBE, VP of Public Affairs, Telefonica on the MEX Design Talk podcast

Mike Short’s career in mobile stretches from the deployment of the first consumer networks in the UK to his continuing efforts at the cutting edge of digital industry.  He was awarded the CBE in 2012 for services to the mobile telecoms industry and has served as chairman of the GSM Association, Mobile Data Association and President of the IET.  His influence played a key role in ensuring a broad view of the term ‘user experience’ in the early days of the MEX initiative.  In this interview with Marek Pawlowski, he talks about his evolving views on design, links with academia and new challenges as digital intersects with healthcare, automotive and wearables.

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