Design Talk 73. Post-pandemic strategy; Samar Héchaimé, co-founder, Agora Envisioning

Samar Héchaimé joins MEX founder Marek Pawlowski for a special discussion – recorded with a live web audience – exploring how we might transform our post-pandemic systems and organisations by putting people at the heart of future strategy. Drawing on deep cross-cultural experience – from the Middle East to the United States – and disciplines from architecture and digital services to consulting and innovation, Samar’s career has given her a unique perspective on balancing collective and individual design needs. Samar and Marek discuss projects ranging from wayfinding in airports to shaping the people-centred, holistic strategy of the Princess Noura University in Saudi Arabia.

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"Efficiency has removed diversity. We should look instead at effectiveness. Effectiveness brings quality of life and relevancy.  Samar Héchaimé, co-founder, Agora Envisioning  Episode 73, MEX Design Talk podcast


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In addition to the interview with Samar, this edition of the MEX podcast was intended to prompt discussion in the community. In particular, Samar and I asked participants to consider a core question:

“Which of the many systems supporting our way of life have you become more aware of during the pandemic and how might we imagine changing them for the better with the principles of user-centred design?”

We’d love to hear your views on this or any other issue you’ve been thinking about on this theme.

Please post your thoughts in the comments section on the original livestream page so we can keep them together and encourage conversation in the community (you can also reach me and Samar by email if you’d prefer to discuss in private).

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"The teams that operate between disciplines are the teams most able to imagine a different kind of world."  Samar Héchaimé, co-founder, Agora Envisioning  Episode 73, MEX Design Talk podcast

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