Design Talk 78. Mark Baldino, co-founder, Fuzzy Math

Mark Baldino’s path to co-founding a Chicago-based design agency wends its way from a degree in theology and working at non-profits in Washington DC to reading an early edition of ‘Information Architecture for the World Wide Web’ and a job as a late 90s web designer he claims he was totally unqualified for. What shines through today is a continuing commitment to bringing a certain set of values to the agency’s UX work in healthcare and other sectors. Mark talks to MEX founder Marek Pawlowski about the nuances of selling design services, nurturing skills and growth within a team, and how the pandemic has influenced his agency’s approach.

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The creative process can be draining. There are peak periods of being energised and an equal and opposite reaction of being de-energised. That has to be okay; one supports the other. Mark Baldino, co-founder, Fuzzy Math Episode 78, MEX Design Talk podcast


That ability to stay fresh and provide perspective to clients…I never thought of it as a tangible skill, but it is. We build in time every week for the team to do something other than client work. Mark Baldino, co-founder, Fuzzy Math Episode 78, MEX Design Talk podcast

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