Design Talk 9. Trust in UX; Richard Lewis, Head of UX, Digital, RBS

This episodes explores how trust can be created in digital UX through visual, interaction and service design techniques.  Richard Lewis, Head of UX, Digital, RBS, joins co-hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest for the discussion.  In addition to the theme of trust, Richard talks about his long career in UX, ranging from advertising agencies to large telcos and retailers like Orange and Tesco. The conversation touches on changing customer expectations of trust in the digital environment, the role of in-house teams versus agencies when driving large-scale change, Agile methodologies and user experience practices.

On this edition

"The investment of an internal team can bring passion, vision & brand understanding closer to the experience level than an agency."


About MEX Design Talk

The podcast for the MEX community, interviewing UX pioneers, exploring emerging technologies, user behaviour and how to design better digital experiences.


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