Design Talk 80. Digitally sustainable; Mirren Fischer, Founder, Brilliant Product Design

Mirren Fischer is someone who finds herself at the confluence of some really big challenges: creating a sustainable future and leveraging the new methods which have caused such an acceleration in the role of digital experiences. She talks to MEX founder Marek Pawlowski about applying that approach to problems and places which have deep, physical roots – like construction projects which need to think on 100 year timescales.

Part of her response to this brave new world is Brilliant Product Design, literally, and she hopes…figuratively. Brilliant is the name of the small agency she has founded to work towards these outcomes.

It is a conversation informed by the depth of Mirren’s experience and background. She trained originally in architecture and worked as an architect for a number of years. But for more than a decade she’s been developing her talents in digital experience design. She’s worked for a wide range of UX agencies, she’s worked client-side and she’s worked across industries from publishing to property.

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As a designer I work closely with product managers. The decisions about which user behaviours we’re testing are made with them. They’ll be seeing the same data I am, so it won’t be a surprise… Mirren Fischer, Founder, Brilliant Product Design Episode 80, MEX Design Talk podcast


We talk about moving fast and disrupting in tech, but when you’re building something to last 100 years there's not as much opportunity for making mistakes. Mirren Fischer, Founder, Brilliant Product Design Episode 80, MEX Design Talk podcast

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