Design Competition Entry: Finest Mobile Phone Keypad in the World

The Delta II tm integrated mobile phone keypad solves everything that is wrong with today’s mobile phone keypads. It allows average people to immediately type fast, accurately, and comfortably on small, single-hand operation mobile phones, straight-out-of-the-box, with no instructions needed.

At the heart of a Delta II equipped mobile phone is a patented, modified QWERTY button layout that is simple, elegant, and brutally effective. The buttons are large enough to easily read and far enough apart to comfortably press, even for people with large hands. The ingenious button layout takes advantage of the user’s motor memory and PC (QWERTY) keyboard typing experience. The result is new users typing a speedy 20 to 30+ WPM in less than 5 minutes; on single-hand operation mobile phones no larger than a business card – previously this was unheard of.

Over 200 users tested, 4 out of 5 chose Delta II for their next phone.

Try our simulator online at In less than 5 minutes of typing, you will see why Delta II will endure as the mobile phone keypad of choice for as long as people choose to type.


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