High fidelity gestural interface

Reuben Kettle Aiers, one of the Brunel designers participating at the next MEX, shared this video of Leap, a forthcoming gestural interface which raises input fidelity beyond today’s game consoles.

The ability to sense motion with higher fidelity raises new usage possibilities. The sketching application shown in the video is one example, but others might include applications specific to certain verticals, such as exploring medical images, controlling production robots or – given its consistently early adoption of new technology – the adult industry.

The technology links with MEX Pathway #9, entitled ‘Expand mobile interactions with the neglected dimensions of sound and tactility‘, where participants will explore ways to enhance gestural interfaces.

Leap’s approach is also interesting as it prizes quality over ubiquity. Most gestural input systems try to utilise sensors already embedded in mass market devices, such as webcams. In contrast, Leap is aimed at customers willing to pay specifically for a dedicated motion sensor. Traditionally these kind of products have had limited appeal in the mobile industry, where manufacturers are notoriously reluctant to embed new hardware in their handset reference designs. However, the dynamics of the mobile accessories business are changing, where the mass market created by the iPhone and funding platforms such as Kickstarter are combining to make a new wave of smart accessories commercially viable. This was recently explored in MEX Pathway #10.

Aiers, currently completing a placement at Wilder Creative, is one of a number of Brunel designers participating at MEX. They’ll bring the latest insights from their university studies, act as illustrators to help the working teams visualise their ideas and share experiences from their recent year long placements in the design industry. This continues the long standing partnership between MEX and Brunel, which has seen numerous Brunel designers participate at MEX, build relationships within digital industry and go on to work within the MEX community.

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