Ikivo ships mobile SVG authoring tools

Ikivo has announced it is now shipping its Animator product, which integrates with Adobe’s Illustrator and GoLive to enable developers to create mobile SVG applications. Mobile SVG is a vector-based technology, allowing graphics to scale easily across a range of mobile screen sizes.

Vector-based graphics are considered a key component of future mobile application development strategies as the industry seeks a solution to the problem of varying screen sizes and the lack of a common interface standard.

However, life may not be that simple for Ikivo, which struck its partnership with Adobe shortly before the software producer announced a merger with Macromedia. Of course, Macromedia has vector-based ambitions of its own in the mobile space, in the form of Flash Lite. It will be interesting to see how the Adobe/Ikivo partnership evolves as the Macromedia merger proceeds and Adobe starts to look at ways it can integrate its mobile offerings.

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