Indian mobile boom continues

The Indian market is continuing to grow at an incredibly rapid rate, adding nearly 2.5m subscribers last month alone according to this Reuters article. Despite the explosive growth, penetration levels remain around 6 percent of the 1 billion population.

It is already a complex market, with diverse segments ranging from high-spending, advanced consumers in the tech-savvy quarters of major cities to rural areas where a single phone is shared between several family members. India also has a blend of GSM, CDMA and WLL (wireless local loop) networks with fierce competition for subscribers driving calling prices to the lowest levels anywhere in the world.

We’re priveleged to have Aditya Dev Sood, founder and CEO of user experience consultancy CKS, as a speaker at MEX next month. CKS has worked extensively in the Indian market, looking at the importance of user experience issues among mobile customers on the sub-continent.

Aditya will participate in the session entitled: “Access for all, the inclusive mobile experience” alongside Charlotte Grezo, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Vodafone, Ben Soppitt, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the GSM Association and Vince Fontaine, CEO of Acapela Group.

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