Insights from the MEX Awards: enriching calls with contextual information

Competition for the 2009 MEX Mobile User Experience Awards was more intense than ever and there were some great entries which didn’t make the short-lists. In an attempt to shine a light on some of the great mobile user experience innovations which didn’t quite make the final stages of the contest, we’re starting an occasional series of articles to highlight some of the most interesting.

DialPlus screenshot

Today we look at DialPlus, a software application which resides on the handset and aggregates contextual information about the caller to provide a complete picture of the person you’re speaking to.

When a call is made or received, DialPlus looks at the user’s entry in your phonebook and pulls in information from their social networks and even data such as the weather in their location. It can do the same for restaurants and other companies, searching for their listings on the web and presenting you with a map, reviews and information on their services.

The product was entered into the Professional category, for products which have been developed by a company working full-time in the mobile industry, but not yet launched commercially. We can see strong business potential for this concept, particularly around mobile advertising revenues. So many mobile services are launched hoping they will be supported by advertising, but the contextual data analysed by DialPlus provides it with genuine insight into what kind of services might be useful for the customer.

For full details, including a video demonstration, take a look at DialPlus’ official entry in the MEX Awards gallery.

You can also check out all of the other entries in the MEX Awards gallery or pre-register to receive information when we announce the 2010 MEX Awards.

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