Head of User Experience

Website OVO Energy

We’re seeking a new leader for our UX community to advocate and coach at an executive level and help OVO foster a user-centred approach to developing its products and technologies.

We’re a challenger brand in a complex industry, and we have tangible and exciting problems to solve. Getting it right means helping shape the energy revolution.

You can be based in our Bristol or London offices, but should have regular personal contact with both. Visit ovoenergy.com/careers to learn more about us, and check out our Glassdoor reviews.

We were delighted to come 20th in The Sunday Times’ 100 best companies to work for 2017.

Where we are now

Our UX team has grown from 3 to 15 in the last year and we’re proud of our group’s diversity, the variety of perspectives with which we examine our work, and the culture of positivity and mutual support we’ve developed.

We’ve moved from a centralised UX service to one where our researchers and designers are embedded with their product teams—we’ve also expanded the range of research methods we use, directly involved product managers and software developers in analysis and synthesis of insights, introduced regular user story slams and community meetups, and collaboratively developed our UX strategy. At the moment we’re focused on creating service blueprints, assessing our skills, and establishing peer coaching and self-reflection practices.

Where we need to go

We’re pleased with the progress we’ve made, but there’s so much still to do. We think user research and product design are team sports and aspire to involve lots of our colleagues in both. And we’ll need to continue adapting in size and shape to meet the needs of our business and our customers.

The person we’re searching for is calm, open, transparent, and empathetic, and can tell great stories of how they’ve empowered, supported, and provided growth for their former teams. You’ll lead by example, care for your team and trust them to get the job done, and make space for people to reach their full potential. You’ll respect and encourage a diversity of perspectives and thinking, and are sensitive to the challenges minorities face in the workplace.

You’ll have experience coordinating distributed teams working across multiple products, and can demonstrate previous success cultivating wide-scale changes to ways of working. You’re enthusiastic about inclusive design that is lean, experiment-led, and always mindful of accessibility, and love promoting these values throughout organisations.

What you’ll be doing

First three months

  • spend time with your new team and get to know each other as practitioners and people
  • dig into our 2018 UX strategy and the rationale behind the items in our roadmap
  • develop an understanding of OVO’s product portfolio: the maturity of each product, its customer needs, success metrics, and the type of UX support it needs
  • meet your peers in product, technology, marketing, and the wider organisation
  • immerse yourself in the energy industry and emerging energy tech trends

Within six months

  • help guide OVO’s strategic direction, always advocating evidence-based change
  • collaborate with your team to agree how our UX strategy should evolve
  • pair with our Heads of Product to ensure all teams have the research and design skills needed to build the right things, as well as build the things right
  • coordinate with our practice leads to develop guidelines and resources which support our work meeting a consistently high standard
  • help your team raise the external profile of OVO UX and attract great people

You’ll love working with us if you

  • understand how research and discovery are necessary for excellent design
  • enjoy the challenges of integrating good design practice with agile and lean delivery
  • share our community values of honesty, compassion, courage, and inclusivity
  • know your strengths, yet recognise there’s always more to learn from others
  • are comfortable with change, and guiding others through it

UX at OVO means helping teams see their product through the eyes of real people—understanding their context, motivations, and needs—so we can improve them for everyone.

Our researchers and designers use whatever methods and media are best suited to the challenge, and contribute to strategic choices about where user experience improvements could have the greatest impact. We like to use pair design and design workshops, and put the participant at the centre of our research. We fall in love with the problem, not our solutions.

OVO believes in fueling human progress with clean and abundant energy for all.  We were set up to challenge the status quo: we want to be the good guys, find a way, and build something great. We embrace simplicity, transparency, and treating people and our planet fairly. We understand that attracting and keeping the best talent is key to our bright future, so our people will always share in our success. Our benefits are nice too.

We celebrate diversity and value equal opportunity: the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.
We want to build a team which represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, and we offer
employment on the basis of merit and potential. So send us your resume. Ask lots of questions.

To apply for this job please visit www.ovoenergy.com.