Last chance to enter the MEX Design Competition & Awards

We’re searching for the world’s best mobile user experience…does your product have what it takes?

The MEX Design Competition & Awards is your opportunity to showcase your innovations to the mobile industry’s top executives, but time is running out to enter…

The closing date for entries is at the end of this week – 23:00 GMT, on Friday, 2nd May 2008. The winners across 5 categories will be honoured at a special evening awards reception on the 1st night of the internationally acclaimed MEX conference in London on 27th May.

How does it work?

1. Contestants submit their entries via a simple, on-line form. Thanks to our generous sponsors (Nuance, TAT and Immersion), it is completely free of charge to enter.

2. We are looking for entries which focus on designing mobile experiences tailored to the needs of particular individuals. Show us who your target user is and why your mobile experience is going to delight them.

3. There are no limitations on what you can submit to the MEX Design Competition and all types of contestant are welcome: students, freelancers, professionals and companies. The Competition is all about giving people the creative freedom to think about the mobile experience in different ways. Some examples might include…

  • Mobile web-sites
  • Handset designs
  • Software applications
  • Technology platforms
  • Design concepts

4. Each entry should comprise several parts to help the public and our panel of independent judges to choose their favourite. This includes:

  • A description of the type of user you’re targeting
  • A description of the experience and why it is particularly suited to that type of user
  • A JPG graphic to illustrate your entry
  • A PDF file with detailed additional information, such as screenshots, storyboards or data sheet
  • An optional link to a video demonstrating how your entry works
  • See a sample entry…

5. All of the entries are showcased in the MEX Design Competition online gallery, where the public can vote and our panel of independent judges can do their research. The public vote count will be taken into consideration by the judges, but they will be evaluating a wide range of additional criteria and will make their final decision independently.

6. The MEX Design Awards will be presented at a special evening reception on the 1st night of the MEX conference in London on 27th May. Winners will be chosen across 4 categories, plus one overall ‘Best Mobile User Experience’ award…

  • Best design in a commercial product
  • Best design by a professional company
  • Best design by an individual
  • Best design by a young designer
  • 2008 MEX Mobile User Experience Champion

Click here to find out more, read the full entry guidelines and enter on-line.


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