Liberate your UI from the frame

User interface design for personal digital devices has always been 2D and constrained within a frame, such as the screen bezel, from desktop computers positioned a few feet away to handheld mobile devices. What happens when you remove the frame and allow the interface to exist within the physical environment? — Dale Herigstad, Chief Interaction Officer, Possible, speaking at MEX14

True 3D displays remain confined to niche segments, but the role of spatial layers which can be rendered using existing 2D displays like those found on smartphones, is of growing importance. UI designers can employ visual tricks and spatial models to build interactions which seem to exist in the space around, in front or behind the flat screen surface.

Extracted from the MEX14 report, a complete package of 20 session videos and 4500+ word summary of all the UX insights from the March 2014 MEX event, available to buy with instant access.

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