Mats Nilson on the role of the OMTP

Following our 16/08/05 article on Amp’d and Ninja, the OMTP has been in touch to clarify its role in the user experience. Mats Nilson, Managing Director of the OMTP, said: “OMTP do not intend to define one standardised user experience, but rather give the tools for operators to build their own branded user experience by facilitating, e.g. customisation of the User Interface. Thus operators working with UI developers are completely in line with what OMTP delivers. For example, we have delivered a document that defines the user interface elements an operator wants to customise. The attached presentation tells a bit about what is OMTPs deliverables and direction now.

You can download Mats Nilson’s OMTP presentation (Powerpoint) here.

Mats is a panellist in the session entitled: “Exploring the key technology enablers of the mobile user experience” on Day One of the MEX Conference.

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