Meet the #mex15 speaker: Jonathan Mitchener

Jonathan Mitchener at #mex15

Jonathan Mitchener at #mex15

Jonathan continually surprises with his insights into the link between understanding user behaviour and driving large scale economic change through digital industry. Drawing on years of practical experience with research, he now helps shape the UK’s approach to user-centred innovation in ICT, including funding schemes to support UX. He comes to MEX to engage in ongoing discussion with the community about the themes and approaches which will enable the UX industry to thrive in the UK.

While the MEX community already appreciates the value and necessity of good user experience, there is a larger opportunity to demonstrate the transformative effect it can have at scale across the broader economy. With digital becoming pervasive, the quality of those experiences and how well suited they are to user needs is becoming more important to the long-term performance of both public and private sector.

Jonathan’s (@jonathan_uk) session furthers the discussion around the most effective ways to apply user-centred principles for sustainable growth. It is both an opportunity to learn from his experience of funding these initiatives and inform future developments.

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