Meet the speakers: Aditya Dev Sood

Aditya Dev SoodCKS has offices in both Bangalore and Delhi in India, but its interest in emerging economies stretches around the world. According to Aditya Dev Sood, founder and CEO, the company is actively building partnerships to share their experiences with research consultancies in China and Brazil.

The company has been active in the Indian mobile telecoms market for the past two years, working with one of the world’s largest handset manufacturers on ethnography, concept design, usability testing, user trialing, futurecasting and business modelling. Aditya believes such insights will be essential as Indian explodes from 60m users today to more than 250m in 3 years time.

He told us: ” Emerging economies in general expected to drive the mobile industry for the next three years. India will be at the center of this story. The point, therefore, may not be the need for legislation, but better information about users and consequently better design for their specific needs.”

Aditya is an alumni of the University of Michigan and is completing two doctorates from the University of Chicago. A former Fulbright scholar, he maintains a multidisciplinary interest in social research, design, technology and education.

He will speak in the session entitled: “Access for all, the inclusive mobile experience” at MEX on 7th September.


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