Meet the speakers: Al Russell, Vodafone

Al Russell, Head of Mobile Internet & Content Services, VodafoneAl Russell, Head of Mobile Internet and Content Services at Vodafone will deliver a keynote addressing the MEX manifesto statement on communities and social networking at the MEX conference on 2nd – 3rd May 2007.

In his role at Vodafone, Russell has overseen the launch of Vodafone Live, the operator’s 3G services and mobile TV. He is responsible for the end-to-end management of Vodafone UK’s content, internet and next generation messaging services for both the wholesale and consumer business.

The manifesto statement reads: “Mobile devices are the natural choice for interacting with communities. Sharing experiences through your mobile device should be as simple as making a voice call. We think the success of user-generated content, social networking and community interaction through mobile devices will depend on enhancing rather than replicating the desktop experience.”

Russell’s presentation will address how the mobile environment can add extend the desktop experience and a unique dimension to community applications. He told us: “Mobile devices allow customers to take their communities with them and allow them to interact using a familiar experience they are used to on a PC, but adapted to work well on the mobile. Customers will use these communities in a different way than they currently do on their PC. They will expect to be able to interact using the basic features they are accustomed to, whilst also making the most of mobile benefits which allow them to go above and beyond their PC experience.”

Al Russell joins the industry’s brightest minds on the MEX speaking programme, including Cliff Crosbie, Global Director of Retail Marketing at Nokia, Matthew Menz, Head of Interaction Design, Motorola, Markus Grupp, Director, Handset User Experience Design, TELUS, Bill Schwebel, Senior Vice President, AOL Wireless, Dr Nick Allott, CTO, OMTP, Herbert Vanhove, Vice President and General Manager, Qualcomm Internet Services & MediaFLO Technologies and Mark Rolston, Senior Vice President of Creative, Frog Design. Read the full agenda here.


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