Meet the speakers: Alyson Webb

Meet the speakers: Alyson Webb

Alyson Webb, partner at Frankly, Green + Web, and MEX speaker

Alyson Webb is a partner at Frankly, Green + Webb, helping cultural organisations experiment with mobile, designing experiences that help audiences interpret and connect with complex stories, objects and environments often through audio. Alyson will be delivering a session at MEX as part of Pathway #9, looking at ways in which audio and tactility can shape mobile experience drawing on examples from cultural organisations from around the world. Alyson has spent over 20 years designing mobile experiences much of it using audio. Her achievements include devising the content experience for the BAFTA winning Tate Handheld Guide and the UK’s first museum app – Love Art for the National Gallery.

Alyson will also facilitate the Pathway #9 team at the next MEX event in London on 30th November – 1st December 2011, working with a team of MEX participants to create new ideas in response to advance the industry’s state of knowledge on audible, tactile and human interactions.

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