Meet the speakers: Andrea Lewis

Meet the speakers: Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis, Digital Project Manager at FACE and MEX alumnus

Andrea’s knowledge and understanding of user behaviour will help shape Pathway #12 at MEX, where we explore how improved understanding of innate behaviours enables better experiences. She holds an MSc in CyberPsychology and graduated from Harvard with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She is a usability and user experience researcher and has worked across the media industry in project management and digital product strategy roles. For more than 10 years, Andrea has worked with brands such as MTV, VH1, Reebok, Virgin Media, and Dell to develop robust online experiences and mobile applications. She thrives on developing immersive and engaging digital products and has a healthy respect for robots and video games.

Andrea Lewis speaks at MEX on 30th November – 1st December 2011 in London.

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