Meet the speakers: Andrew Muir Wood

Meet the speakers: Andrew Muir Wood

Andrew Muir Wood, planner at Plan Strategic and MEX speaker

Andrew Muir Wood is a user experience planner at Plan Strategic in London. Previously he completed a PhD at the Design Management Group at Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing which examined the patterns and drivers of change in fashion and technology that are embedded in the design of consumer products. He has worked with MEX on a number of occasions, as a researcher, a speaker and a facilitator. He continues to be fascinated by the new experiences that can emerge from the dynamic relationship between technology and society. At the December 2011 MEX, Andrew leads the work on Pathway #11, looking at super local interactions in his speaking session and as a facilitator. He will work with a small team of MEX participants to create new ideas in response to advance the industry’s state of knowledge on interactions which occur within users’ reachable radius.

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