Meet the speakers: Antti Öhrling, Blyk

Antti Ohrling, Co-founder, BlykThis is part of our ongoing series of ‘Meet the speakers’ articles, introducing you to the line-up of leading mobile executives taking part at the MEX conference in London on 2nd – 3rd May 2007.


Antti is a co-founder of Blyk. Antti has over 25 years experience as a senior manager in branded goods, retail and wholesale, publishing, film and advertising industries. In 1991 Antti was appointed Managing Director of Film and TV production at WSOY one of the leading publishers in Finland. He has since gone on to produce a number of award-winning documentaries, corporate and marketing films which have won plaudits in the USA, France, Finland and Germany.

Antti is now the co-founder and chairman of Contra Advertising, which operates in London, Helsinki, San Francisco, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai. He is also a chairman or board member for more than 10 companies; a well-versed speaker, Antti is a regular at lectures on global marketing and brand issues for international audiences.

Speaker’s statement

For this industry to go forward – to really deliver a relevant mobile advertising experience – it is essential to combine the capablities of an operator and the approach of a media company. Being an operator, Blyk has the ability to truly simplify the user experience for both young people and advertisers. Having the ethos of a media company, Blyk addresses the needs of advertisers and it’s young users in a distinct way.

From the very beginning we’ve built Blyk based on insight into existing phone and media usage, and the principle that we never interrupt the basic flow of communication. The user has been right at the center of all of our development.

The success of mobile advertising is linked directly to the relevance of the interaction between a brand and the consumer. Relevance that comes when you really know the consumer and can deliver information, an offer, or an experience based on his/her wants and needs. At Blyk, we believe that the combination of our user profiling capabilities and our behavioral tracking, will give advertisers the insight from which to build more relevant communications and truly engage their core audience.

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