Meet the speakers: Charles Lilley

Meet the speakers: Charles Lilley

Charles Lilley, Managing Director at HealthSystems Group and MEX alumnus

Charles brings special insight to MEX, with a background combining nearly 40 years in healthcare and IT systems. His knowledge and experience will help guide and provoke discussion in MEX Pathway #5 on best practice mobile healthcare experience. He was involved in major public sector modernisation and the Integrated Service Teams initiative within Cabinet Office. He led a review of the Social Exclusion Unit for the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He also worked with Matthew Taylor on an Institute of Public Policy Research study on Public Private Partnerships. He has had a number of jobs including chef, factory worker, buying and selling motorcycles (he loves and races Italian motorcycles) and selling insurance door to door. He started in the NHS in 1972 as a gardener and grave-digger in a psychiatric hospital; he then became an NHS management trainee based in the South East of England. Charles is an ardent advocate of greater patient involvement in care and self-management of conditions. A key step he promotes is patients having access to, and being custodians of their own medical information so as to enable self-management of their conditions. He is a passionate advocate of the use of technology from surgical robots to device technology in the provision of care. Charles is a serial entrepreneur and has served as a director and senior executive of both public and private companies and built his own businesses. He is currently Group Managing Director of HealthSystems Group.

Charles Lilley speaks at MEX in London on 30th November and 1st December 2011.

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