Meet the speakers: Charlie Dawson

Charlie Dawson, The FoundationIn the build-up to MEX: the PMN Mobile User Experience conference, we’ll be introducing you to many of the speakers.

Today it is the turn of Charlie Dawson, founder and partner at The Foundation. Charlie will be giving the keynote presentation during the session entitled: ‘Understanding the customer and delivering the revenue benefits of a customer-focused experience‘.

We’ve asked all of the speakers to summarise who they are and what they do in a single text message – 160 characters. Charlie told us:

“I run The Foundation, helping businesses deliver what customers value. Our support is unique, combining in balance customer and business skills that usually don’t mix.”

The Foundation counts network operators O2 and Virgin Mobile among its clients and specialises in working with senior management to help them understand customer requirements and evolve their business to better reflect the needs of the customer. Charlie and his team combine diverse experience from several industries, ranging from automotive to financial services, and across several disciplines, including management consultancy, marketing, finance and operations.


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