Meet the speakers: Claire Rowland

Meet the speakers: Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland, Head of Research at Fjord and MEX alumnus

Claire leads Pathway #2 at MEX, facilitating the team as it creates new ideas in response to a specific MEX challenge. We invited her for her extensive experience of service design and her deep understanding of user research. Claire is Head of Research in the London office of Fjord, an international digital service design agency. She has worked extensively in user experience research and design for companies such as Flow Interactive, Razorfish and Seren. Recently her focus has been on a shift in user experience from the desktop toward services delivered through multiple platforms of widely differing form factors and the cloud. Her research and recommendations relate to what this shift means for what users expect from their devices, and what effective design, across platforms and the cloud, looks like.

Claire facilitates at MEX on 30th November – 1st December 2011 in London.

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