Meet the speakers: Dr. Angel Salazar

Meet the speakers: Dr. Angel Salazar

Dr. Angel Salazar, CEO at AIDA Technology and MEX alumnus

Dr. Angel Salazar comes to MEX to share his knowledge of using mobile healthcare technology to put customers in control of their own wellness. He recently co-founded AIDA Technology, a platform enabling the next generation of personal health and wellness data management portals. Dr. Salazar is also a senior lecturer in the ‘Marketing, Operations and Digital Business’ Department of the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and a visiting academic at the Massachusetts Technical Institute’s Sloan Management School, Eindhoven Technical University, and Universities of Jaen and Pablo de Olavide in Spain. He is an expert on business model innovation and, more recently and by necessity, a user experience practitioner. Besides his academic experience of over fifteen years, he has conducted research and provided advice to numerous technology start-ups and global FT500 corporations. He received his PhD from the University of Manchester, and his M.Sc. in Medical Electronic Systems from the University of Hertfordshire. He has also worked as a health information management consultant for the Pan-American chapter of the World Health Organisation, during the first waves of health reform and liberalisation in the mid 1990s. He runs the Technology Venture series, which brings together academics, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers.

Dr. Angel Salazar speaks at MEX on 30th November – 1st December 2011 in London.

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