Meet the speakers: Fabio Sergio

Fabio SergioFabio Sergio started his career as an architect, working with both interior and exterior design projects. This evolved into a passion for resolving user experience challenges, first with consumer electronics manufacturer Whirlpool and later with creative agencies such as Razorfish and XYZ Reply.

For the last few years, he has led user experience development at 3 Italy, the fastest growing 3G network in Europe.

Fabio will participate in two sessions at MEX, sharing his views on how near-field communications are expanding the mobile network to include interfaces with the world around us – from ticketing to personal identity. On Day Two, he will join the debate as a panellist in the session entitled ‘Supporting user-driven personalisation‘.

Summarising his interest in this space, Fabio told us:

“Fabio Sergio is an interaction design strategist based in Milano, Italy.
He’s happiest when focusing on mobile-mediated interactive experiences that wrap
business scenarios around people’s desires and dreams.”

Fabio maintains his own web-site with some of his thoughts on design, reality and interfaces at


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