Meet the speakers: Hampus Jakobsson, TAT

Hampus Jakobsson, Vice President of Business Developer and co-founder, TATHampus Jakobsson, Vice President of Business Developer and co-founder, TAT

Hampus was one of the founders of TAT and has driven sales, strategy and business development. Prior to founding the company, Hampus worked as an engineer for advertising agencies and mobile game companies after earning his MsCS degree. We asked Hampus to sum himself up in the space of a 160 characters SMS message and this is what he said: “Fast talking, fishitarian, reader, with an infant at home, loves to get things done efficiently, and has a a serious passion for business and change.

Why did we chose them as a speaker?

We knew we needed a strongly opinionated and visionary speaker to take on MEX Manifesto statement no. 1 at the conference, which will challenge the industry to think differently about the design of application stores. Aside from founding TAT, which provides the UI platform for more than 250m handsets around the world, Hampus is never afraid to step away from the company line and provoke genuinely new thinking about a subject. We’re looking forward to hearing his straight talking, controversial presentation.


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