Meet the speakers: Isobel Demangeat

Meet the speakers: Isobel Demangeat

Isobel Demangeat, Product Manager, UX Researcher at Qualcomm Cambridge Research (CAMRAD) and MEX alumnus

We invited Isobel to MEX to share insights from her recent study of augmented reality, responding to MEX Pathway #11. Isobel’s experience, interaction design and user research encompass the full spectrum of digital interactions, with a strong focus on mobile applications. Her passion and vision for good user experience comes through the understanding of users and their motivations via observation and interaction with real users and theirenvironment. Isobel has been an enthusiastic member of the Qualcomm Cambridge UX team since 2005 and has worked on a broad range of UX projects from mobile application stores to intelligent user profiling. Coming from an industrial design background, her practical experience has encompassed all key aspects of UX: graphic design, interaction design, user testing, user research and ideation facilitation. As part of Qualcomm Cambridge Research (CAMRAD), Isobel runs a dedicated user testing lab and champions the use of real-world contextual inquiry as a vital part of the user research and ideation process.

Isobel Demangeat speaks at MEX on 30th November – 1st December 2011 in London.

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