Meet the speakers: Jacques LaPointe

Jacques LaPointeAs the director of product management at Zi Corp, Jacques LaPointe leads the charge for new product introduction and innovation. For the past 5 years, he has mobilised and managed Zi’s international product management team; market research, introduction of new products and led the overall management of product life cycles worldwide.

Products under Jacques leadership include Zi’s predictive text input systems, eZiText and eZiTap, Zi’s recently acquired Decuma handwriting product and the new Qix service discovery engine.

Prior to joining Zi, Jacques spent over six years in product management and business development in the high tech environment with Nortel Networks and Interalia. While at Nortel, Jacques was responsible for the development and management of high technology telephony products representing USD 90 million in revenues.

Asked to describe himself in 160 characters, Jacques said: “Jacques LaPointe Director Product Management leading new product innovation, roadmap & user experience to enhance & DELIGHT the mobile experience =greater u$age.”


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