Meet the speakers: Jerome Nadel, Senior Vice President of User Experience, Sagem Wireless

Jerome Nadel, Senior Vice President of User Experience, Sagem Wireless
In our first ‘Meet the speaker’ article for the MEX Conference in December, we hear from Jerome Nadel, Senior Vice President of User Experience at Sagem Wireless. Jerome works with Sagem’s major brand clients to help them create compelling user experiences through mobile devices and other channels. At MEX, he’ll be sharing some case study examples of how you can truly reflect the soul of a brand in a multi-platform experience.

Jerome began his career in IBM’s Human Factors Lab, before going on to become Co-Manager of the Corporate Human Factors Group at Unisys. Prior to joining Sagem, he was Chief Experience Officer at consultants Human Factors International.

We asked Jerome to share a few thoughts about what he’ll be covering at MEX on 2nd and 3rd December. Here’s what he told us:

“Mobile UX is certainly not a new frontier, but in the evolving world of branded mobiles the ability to extend a brands reach and soul from classical retail to electronic commerce to mobile commerce presents new cross-channel opportunities that strengthen affinity and business models. Overcoming mobile device constraints in form factor, usage models, and online access requires a big picture view that connects and leverages the value of multiple channels. In my session, I’ll look at design beyond the phone and addresses cross-channel UX and how eco-system design improves UX and conversion.”


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