Meet the speakers: Jim Kosem

Meet the speakers: Jim Kosem

Jim Kosem of Halfman Research and Design and MEX alumnus

Jim comes to MEX to share a particularly challenging experience, where he worked for several years to build a digital monument for victims of war crimes. The resulting project focused on the audible channel of mobile devices to help children understand and learn from their country’s history. Jim grew up in a family of engineers but somehow ended up in art school, and has been working on everything from design research for mobile devices to snowboard graphics ever since. Most recently a research associate at Horizon Digital Economy Research and lead mobile user experience designer for Samsung Design Europe, Jim also worked for and with a wide range of clients including Microsoft Research, The British Music Experience, Playfish/EA Games and Google. His focus, whether working with genocide survivors in Rwanda, European retirees, British teens or London skateboarders, is about making this whole modern mess that is design, technology and services liveable and meaningful.

Jim Kosem speaks at MEX on 30th November – 1st December 2011 in London.

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