Meet the speakers: Jo Rabin

Meet the speakers: Jo Rabin

Jo Rabin, co-founder, MobileMonday London, consultant CTO and MEX alumnus

Jo has led numerous Pathway teams at MEX, guiding his groups to the creation of new ideas and advancing the state of mobile user experience for the community. He returns to MEX as the facilitator for Pathway #10, where he will lead the work on transforming mobile experience with smart accessories.

As well as being co-founder and director of MobileMonday London, Jo is a consultant CTO providing technology strategy and development management with a focus on mobile and publishing. His experience includes being CTO at dotMobi, Flirtomatic and at Reuters Mobile. Between 2005 and Jan 2011 he co-chaired the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, and was editor or co-editor of lots of mobile-related W3C Notes and Recommendations. While at Reuters, Jo developed the first version of the news industry interchange standard, NewsML as well has being responsible for the development of the Reuters foreign exchange dealing system. Before that he helped start the UK’s first public electronic mail system, Telecom Gold.

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