Meet the speakers: Kate Ho, Founder, Interface3

Kate Ho, Founder, Interface3Kate is contributing to Pathway #3 at the next MEX on 30 Nov – 01 Dec 2010, entitled: ‘Develop interface designs for multi-person, simultaneous use of touchscreens‘.

She brings a wealth of experience from digital table design (e.g. Microsoft Surface), one of the first environments where simultaneous multi-person user interfaces (SMUIs) have emerged. Kate will be sharing her knowledge of this subject and looking at how SMUIs will differ on mobile devices. Her presentation session at MEX is on the first morning at 10:10, 30 Nov 2010.

Kate explains: “Having been passionate about computers since my first ZX Spectrum, I’ve been fascinated about how we can make software easier to use. My quest has lead me through a BSc in Computer Science, then a MSc in Technology Management at Manchester – where my dissertation looked at what resources and expertise people drew upon in understanding how to use software. It then lead me to a PhD in requirements techniques so that I can further understand how we can faciliate better user-designer relationships. Now, I am lucky enough to be the founder and interaction designer for Interface3 – a small consultancy specialising in the design and development of interactive tables (and multitouch and gestural based interfaces in general). We’ve worked on a variety of projects from finance, to education, and even theatre.”

In addition to speaking at MEX, Kate is also leading the breakout team responding to Pathway #3, where a group of participants will work together during the 2 day event to create new ideas and solve a specific user experience challenge.

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