Meet the speakers: Lindsey Green

Meet the speakers: Lindsey Green

Lindsey Green, partner at Frankly, Green + Web, and MEX speaker

Lindsey Green is a partner at Frankly, Green + Webb, working with cultural and historic organisations, helping them to use mobile’s unique capacity to deepen engagement through learning and play. She will be delivering a session at MEX as part of Pathway #9 (Expand mobile interactions with the neglected dimensions of sound and tactility), looking at ways in which audio and tactility can shape mobile experience, drawing on examples from cultural organisations from around the world. Lindsey has more than decade of experience in digital, creative learning and mobile user experience design. She has worked with some of the most innovative cultural organisations to deliver some of their most innovative projects, leading projects for Tate, English Heritage, the Science Museum and National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Lindsey will also facilitate the Pathway #9 team at the next MEX event in London on 30th November – 1st December 2011, working with a team of MEX participants to create new ideas in response to advance the industry’s state of knowledge on audible, tactile and human interactions.

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