Meet the speakers: Mark Muenchinger, Product Designer, Deutsche Telekom

Mark Muenchinger, Product Designer, Deutsche TelekomMark will be contributing to Pathway #6 at the next MEX, where the challenge is to: ‘Inspire new form factors and counter the trend towards ubiquity of the slate‘.

We asked him to the introduce himself and here’s what he said: “I have been fortunate in my career to work in the US, UK and Germany for major global brands across the telecoms, consumer electronics, medical, housewares, toy and FMCG industries. I recently joined the Product Design group at Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn and previously worked for Motorola Consumer Experience Design in London. Before mobile I spent many years working in design consulting with industry leaders including frog design, SMART, Native and Fitch.”

He also provided a preview of what he’ll be bringing to MEX Pathway #6: “My session will attempt to inspire discussion regarding new form factors and the trend towards the ubiquity of the slate. To better understand this current trend I will examine some of the history in the evolution of form factors in mobile communications: The brick. The clam shell. The candy bar. The slider. The berry. The razor. The pebble. The pod. The pad. The slate. Connecting the dots shows that the missing link between each step is improvement in technology. Current form factors have been driven by the rise of software UI as the central aspect of the mobile product experience. The limitations of these form factors are based on the limitations of the underlying hardware technologies: The battery. The chip set. The display. The touchscreen. The future offers possibilities to address these limitations, such as new materials, faster chips and networks, new display technologies, new sensor technologies, voice and audio interfaces.”

MEX is in London on 30 Nov – 01 Dec 2010.

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