Meet the speakers: Mark Rolston, Frog Design

Mark Rolston, Senior Vice President of Creative, Frog Design“2007 looks to be a pivotal year. We see a critical mass of technology, ideas, customer demand and dissatisfaction. It’s time to do something about it,” said Mark Rolston, who leads mobile user interface development and the creative teams at Frog Design. He’ll be speaking at MEX on 2nd – 3rd May 2007 to inspire the industry to improve customer experience throughout the mobile value chain.

Rolston is addressing the MEX manifesto statement on building personalisation capabilities into every aspect of mobile technology, from the chipsets to the UI. The statement reads: “The objective is to provide the best mobile experience for each individual. Developing chipsets, software platforms, handsets and services which make it cost-effective to provide this level of personalisation will delight users and drive profits for the industry. We think the industry can grow its margins if it finds a way to build personalisation into every level of the value chain.”

Frog’s expertise spans a broad spectrum, ranging from web design for MVNO’s like Virgin Mobile to UI and business process development for Alltel’s Celltop interface. As part of Arricent, a provider of embedded software solutions, Frog is uniquely positioned to deliver on its creative visions.

Rolston told us: “Variety is the spice of life. The appeal and value of this idea has been proven countless times across the global consumer spectrum, yet the mobile industry still struggles to make sense of it. Consumers today are not only asking for more choice, they are demanding access to the tools of customisation and to the marketplace itself.”

Mark Rolston’s presentation will be followed by a panel debate including Hampus Jakobsson, Vice President of Marketing, TAT, Dr Nick Allott, CTO, OMTP and Herbert Vanhove, Vice President and General Manager, Qualcomm Internet Services & MediaFLO Technologies.

Join us for the debate by registering to attend the MEX conference. You can read full agenda and register here.


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