Meet the speakers: Matt Hooper

Matt Hooper, ElataService delivery is one of the key elements of the user experience and is the theme for the opening session of Day 2 at MEX. Matt Hooper, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Alliances at Elata, will share his views in this panel debate, bringing to the table several years of experience in developing mobile content delivery solutions.

Elata provides its technology to operators like Huchison 3G, Orange and Optimus, enabling them deliver targeted content packages and offers to very small segments of their subscriber base. Hooper was talking about deep segmentation and the need to evolve both technology and organisational structures within the industry back in 2002, at a time when many operators were still trying to convince users that six line WAP displays represented a ‘mobile internet’ experience.

In an article written for PMN at this time, Hooper stated: “…although the service delivery platform is an integral technical means to an end, it is more importantly the means for creating service propositions. A growing number of operators are trialling service delivery platforms that can replicate their subscriber segmentation model and effectively bridge the gap between the marketing department and their target subscribers.”

It is a message which has obviously worked for Elata, which survived a severe downturn in telecoms spending to emerge as a leading provider of content delivery solutions.


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