Meet the speakers: Matt Millar

Matt MillarMatt Millar is Chief Technology Officer at Mobile Innovation, which designs, develops and integrates user interface, user experience and software application platforms for mobile devices. Since co-founding the company in 2002 he has lead the growth of the business by offering customers an increasingly broad range of technical solutions that enable Mobile Innovation in its core mission of delivering compelling user experiences to consumers.

Matt is regarded within the industry as a mobile pioneer. His Symbian OS / EPOC engineering experience began over ten years ago when he developed his first commercially available title and he has since worked on a succession of innovative devices including the Psion Series 5MX, the Nokia 9210 and the Nokia 7710.

Matt will participate as a panellist in the Day One session at MEX entitled “Innovations in software interfaces and industrial design.” He told us:

“The end users are what drives this industry – if they are not our customers, they are our customers’ customers. We must be able to take advantage of available technology to offer them a user experience that is as simple, fun and intuitive as possible.”

Matt graduated from Oxford University in 1994 with a BA (Honours) in Physics. Before embarking on his professional software engineering career he worked at Price Waterhouse, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, having qualified in 1997.


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