Meet the speakers: Nancy Broden, Punchcut

Nancy Broden, PunchcutNancy Broden, a mobile user experience specialist overseeing the interaction design practice at Punchcut, will speak at the MEX conference on 2nd – 3rd May 2007 in London.

Over the past 10 years she has led teams in the strategy and design of next-generation mobile, web and software solutions for tier one wireless operators, major OEMs and top brands including Disney, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Sun.

Nancy is focused on digital experiences that enable people to create, maintain and grow relationships with others. Nancy and her team recently conducted a Punchcut-sponsored qualitative study of social networking behaviors in the mobile context. The study provides insights into the challenges overcome by successful social networkers and highlights product and design opportunities that address their needs.

When was asked her why she was participating at MEX, Nancy told us: “We appreciate the forum that it provides to business leaders and design practitioners to join together in discussing the current state of mobile user experience and opportunities for innovation in the mobile space. We look forward to sharing our experience of the North American mobile market and engaging in the dialogue to define the future of mobile experience solutions worldwide.”

Nancy Broden will speak in the MEX session on simplifying the experience of mobile communites and user-generated content. Other speakers on this topic include Al Russell, Head of Mobile Internet & Content Services at Vodafone and Frederick Ghahramani, Director and co-founder of AirG.

If you’d like to take part in the debate at MEX, you can register to attend at


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