Meet the speakers: Oren Horev, Plan

Oren Horev, User Experience Strategist, Plan
Over the next few editions of the newsletter we’ll be introducing you to the speakers at the MEX Conference on 19th/20th May 2010 in London.

Oren is an interaction designer and user experience strategist. His interest in how people use technology was sparked while spending a few years tucked in the cramped cockpit of a fighter jet, eventually leading to a BA in industrial design.
Over the next seven years, working as a product designer, he specialised in envisioning high-tech and medical products, helping clients and their users make sense of them in real life.
As he spent progressively more time designing product interfaces, Oren then chose to take an MA at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy, graduating with distinction. His next stop was Denmark, where he helped found the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, before joining ReD Associates in Copenhagen where he spent the next two years translating research into insight, experience strategies and user experience concepts.
In 2009 Oren joined Plan, a product strategy consultancy in London, where he leads the consulting work on user experience strategy.
Along his career Oren has worked for clients including Intel, Lego, Philips, Mattel, Samsung, Mars, Johnson and Johnson, Orange and Vodafone.

His session is entitled ‘Van Men prefer voice: audible opportunities inspired by forgotten mobile workers ‘. Oren will also be one of the team facilitators for the MEX breakout sessions.


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