Meet the speakers: Priya Prakash

Meet the speakers: Priya Prakash

When we were thinking about how best to celebrate the 10th anniversary edition of MEX, it seemed entirely natural to ask Priya Prakash to return to present the opening session of the event. Her 2009 MEX session on balancing commercial imperatives and the purity of user experience was universally enjoyed and it is a great pleasure to welcome her back after two and half years to address Pathway #13 on quiet design principles. Priya joined Nokia in 2009 and worked as Creative Director for User Experience. She was later appointed as Head of Series 30 and Series 40. Currently as the head of Mobile Phones UX Design, she leads an international team of designers who are passionate about making high-end experiences accessible and affordable to billions of people globally. Priya enjoys designing for billions of people and helping to improve their daily lives through the ways they can use their mobile phones. She is passionate about crafting simple and fun design to enable people to use innovative tools, conversations and experiences. Before Nokia, she has worked in various roles, such as interaction designer, implementation manager, creative director, innovation executive, saleswoman, entrepreneur and head of product. When not working, she is fascinated by mundane habits and daily behaviours. Prakash is a RSA fellow with a MA in Interaction Design from Royal College of Art.

Priya Prakash speaks at MEX in London on 30th November and 1st December 2011.

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