Meet the sponsor: An introduction to Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)
From Philip Hargrave, CEO and Network Director, Digital Communications KTN

The Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has now been operational for just over a year. Established by an industry-led group of leading players, with funding from the Technology Strategy Board, we seek to bring competitive advantage to the UK by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing between the users and providers of Digital Communications, and by helping to drive innovation in the sector.

Our aim is to establish a truly comprehensive network of members spanning the entire value chain of universities, equipment manufacturers, solution providers, system integrators, network operators, service providers, application developers and broadcasters, together with those working in adjacent sectors for which Digital Communications is a transformational technology.

Central to achieving this aim is our mode of operation as a ‘Network of Networks’, bringing together and working through existing networks, industry associations, support organisations, and communities of interest. Recognising that Knowledge Transfer is a contact sport, we seek to fulfil our objectives through workshops, briefings and master classes held nationwide, and through the activities of a number of Working Groups established to address key priorities.

Mobile Communications is at the very heart of our agenda. There are now more than four billion mobile ‘phone users in the world, corresponding to over half the earth’s population. Few people in the UK would dream of leaving home without their mobile ‘phone. These and other handheld wireless devices have the potential to transform the way in which we live, but the take-up of new applications and services is critically dependent on the user experience. The Digital Communications KTN is therefore delighted to sponsor the 2009 MEX Conference & Awards, dedicated as the Conference is to enhancing user interface design.

If you are not yet a member of the Digital Communications KTN, please visit our web-site and register. Membership is free, and you will be joining a growing community helping to build a truly Digital Britain.

Philip Hargrave
CEO & Network Director
Digital Communications KTN

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