MEX 2007 report & presentations published

The industry’s definitive report on Mobile User Experience – buy on-line for just GBP 795.

The MEX 2007 Report is our most comprehensive ever, combining in-depth reporting of the 2007 conference sessions, our unique MEX Mind Maps, research notes and speaker presentations. The 212 page document provides a complete overview of the industry’s thinking on mobile user experience issues across the 10 key theme areas of the MEX manifesto.

The report harnesses the combined knowledge of the 100 leading mobile executives who attended the MEX conference in May 2007. Delegates participated in a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions and breakout groups to define a response to the MEX manifesto. From this rich pool of creativity and PMN’s own exclusive research notes, our authors have produced a detailed analysis of the industry’s approach to mobile user experience.

Each of the 10 topics includes:

  • MEX Maps: graphical brainstorm of the conference’s response to the manifesto.
  • Speaker’s response: written summary of the keynote presentation.
  • Presentation slides: copy of the keynote slides.
  • Discussion summary: written summary of the panel discussions and responses from the breakout groups.
  • Research notes: thought-provoking articles and detailed research from PMN’s analysts.
  • Stat Spot: selection of metrics relating to the manifesto topic.

The 10 MEX Manifesto topics covered and the keynote speaker who inspired the discussions and research:

Topic Keynote speaker
Understanding the extent of the user experience, from retail environment to customer service Cliff Crosbie, Global Director of Retail Marketing, Nokia
The evolution of community services and social networking in the mobile environment Al Russell, Head of Mobile Internet & Content Services, Vodafone
Adapting mobile interfaces in response to the contextual user environment Christian Lindholm, User Experience Expert
The role of pricing in determining the user experience and forming customer expectations Stuart John, Director of Product Management, Ocean Observations
Leveraging innovation in input methods and content discovery to increase mobile service adoption Matthew Menz, Head of Interaction Design, Motorola
Understanding the importance of user experience in delivering mobile advertising Antti Öhrling, Co-founder, Blyk
Tearing down the walled garden and releasing third party innovation Mike Wehrs, Vice President of Product Management & Evangelism, AOL Wireless & Tegic Communications
The evolution of the user experience as mobiles become our gateway for interacting with physical environment Paul Kompfner, Head of Development, ERTICO
Measuring the user experience with quantitative and qualitative techniques to really understand customers Paul Nerger, Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Argogroup
Building personalisation into every level of value chain to grow margins and deliver an individualised experience Mark Rolston, Senior Vice President of Creative, Frog Design

Report details

  • Pages: 212
  • Word count: 57,500+ (approx.)
  • Includes: single user PDF copy of MEX 2007 report and access to PDF downloads for all 10 speaker presentations from MEX conference
  • Language: English
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Download a sample of the MEX 2007 Report

This extract from the MEX 2007 report covers 1 of the 10 issues discussed in the full version: “Understanding the extent of the user experience, from retail environment to customer service.”

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