MEX Inspirations for 30th October 2009

BMW Quote “So long as you treat the mobile channel as a service channel rather than an advertising channel, you can add lots of value.” — Marc Mielau, Head of Digital Media, BMW. Quoted from a interview with Mielau discussing various BMW mobile marketing campaigns. Mielau has recognised ahead of his peers that advertising on mobile needs to be very different, not just in terms of delivery, but in terms of message. The mobile channel is about helping people to achieve their objectives faster, not distract them like traditional advertising.

Wonder Wall I stumbled across this while reading an article on the Sensory Metrics blog. It is a design portfolio from Japanese studio Wonder Wall, employing a Flash-based UI to create a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable user experience for exploring their work. Ordinarily my instinct is to surf on as quickly as possible when I see a big Flash animation loading up on a web-site homescreen, but in this instance I’m glad I stayed to watch the result. It provides an excellent example of how a rich set of visuals and responsive animation can compel users to explore.

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